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Sport psychology

2300,- / 50 minutes

21000,- / subscription for 10 therapies 


Sport psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on the study of cognitive and mental processes and behaviors of athletes. The main focus of this field is the psychological aspects and how they influence performance and training in individuals, or team sports. The primary goal of sport psychology is to assist and unlock the mental capabilities and strategies of athletes to achieve better performance and overall success. Sport psychology assists athletes in various areas, including self-confidence, motivation, concentration, relaxation and regulatory abilities, communication, as well as coping with the stress often experienced by athletes. Sport psychologists working with athletes identify and address mental barriers that hinder optimal performance and help develop positive thinking and self-belief, better manage stress and pressure, and utilize relaxation techniques during competitions.


Through sport psychology, athletes can enhance their mental resilience to achieve their maximum performance and potential. Additionally, sport psychology can also help athletes better cope with injuries, overcome failure or burnout syndrome, in order to return to their performance level.

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