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Center of therapy in Prague

We help people find happiness

Our philosophy 

We strongly believe that every client who visits our center should feel better right after the first session. And this is central to our approach. Therefore, in the first part of the treatment, we focus on the fastest possible relief, which consists of adjusting the regimen, if necessary, recommend a medication, so the client can start a long term, deeper therapy. Mental condition goes hand in hand with physical condition, which is why we ease the mind as well as the body during the therapy using relaxation techniques that complement the main therapy. In addition, we consider the prevention an important part of the process. Therefore, we strive to uncover the causes of the problems and teach our clients techniques which help them to avoid a relapse in the future. We make sure that our clients feel safe during the process of dealing with their emotional and psychological problems. The key element is an individual approach.  We strive to understand each client's unique needs and design a therapy plan that will be most effective for them. Our philosophy is focused on the overall improvement of the client's well-being and quality of life. We help clients find inner peace and balance so they can live happier and fuller lives. 


Our Services

Psychology Session
Kid Malování
Kožená Aktovka

Addiction Treatment

2300,- / 50 minutes

Psychosomatic Therapy

1500,- / 50 minutes

Life & Career Coaching

2300,- / 50 minutes

Child Psychology

2500,- / 50 minutes

Couples Therapy

2900,- / 90 minutes

Individual Therapy

2300,- / 50 minutes

Parent Education Therapy

2300,- / 50 minutes

Group Therapy


Sport Psychology

2300,- / 50 minutes

950,- / 60 minutes

Duhová vlajka

Queer Therapy

hypnotizující Patient

2300,- / 50 minutes


2300,- / 50 minutes

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