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Parent education therapy

1990,- / 50 minutes

18500,- / subscription for 10 therapies 

mladá rodina

Parent education therapy focuses on supporting and enhancing parental skills and abilities so that the parents understand the changes in their children's behavior, are able to process them and come to a solution under professional guidance. The therapist first uncovers the causes of the misunderstanding and then helps the parents explain what is the source of the misunderstanding. In the next phase, parents will be introduced to strategies that will allow them to look deeper into their children's souls, reset bad habits and begin the path to open relationships based on mutual respect. It is used for problems in raising children, behavioral disorders, disturbed relationships between parents and children, or difficulties with discipline or communication. This method is based on the psychotherapeutic method of Alfred Adler and is based on the assumption that a change in behavior leads to a change in experience. The only condition for successful therapy is the approach of the parents themselves, who are expected to be open-minded, helpful and capable of an objective view of their own upbringing.

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