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Group therapy

950,- / 60 minutes

8500,- / subscription 10 group therapies

17500,- / subscription 20 group therapies

Skupinová diskuze

Group therapy for children aged 12 to 17


This group is an effective way to support the mental health and emotional well-being of our young clients. It allows them to share their experiences, feelings and thoughts with others who are going through similar problems. We focus on interactions between individual participants and help them develop their communication skills, self-confidence and empathy. In group therapy for teenagers, various topics are discussed, such as relationships with family and friends, stress, anxiety, depression or other emotional difficulties. It helps our clients develop a healthy relationship with themselves and their surroundings. It provides a safe environment where they can share their problems and find support and understanding from other participants. The group is based on confidentiality, respect and a willingness to listen and share.


Group therapy for adult clients with anxiety disorders


This group is intended for adults with an anxiety disorder. Its intention is to help our clients learn to deal with their anxieties and manage stressful situations, understand themselves, identify and change negative thoughts and behaviors, and develop better ways to cope with anxiety. Therapists use various techniques, such as cognitive- behavioral therapy. Group therapy for adults with anxiety disorders is very effective because the participants have the opportunity to see that they are not alone and that other people are also struggling with similar problems. It allows clients to receive support and encouragement from other group members, which is very helpful in dealing with anxiety difficulties.

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