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Addiction treatment

2300,- / 50 minutes

21000,- / subscription for 10 therapies 

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We provide care to people with addiction of any form. Whether it regards the use of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, gambling, workaholism, shopaholism, remaining in a dysfunctional damaging relationship, or other compulsive behavior. Our care includes diagnosis, assessment of the degree of severity of the disorder, detection of its causes, education, counseling, coaching, motivational therapy or training of the necessary skills. We deal with clients in all stages of the addiction - ranging from mild problem to most severe cases. The so-called after-treatment program is aimed at preventing relapse, improving social relationships, re-acquiring work habits, or solving debt problems.​ Our team includes experienced psychotherapists, as well as peer therapists who work with clients based on their own experiences with addiction. In our programs, we provide treatment and counseling for both adult and minor clients.

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