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Therapy for addicted people

We provide professional care to people who have addiction problem of any form: using legal or illegal drugs, gambling, workaholism, shopaholism, staying in a relationship that hurts, or other compulsive behavior. We offer individual, family or pair therapy. Our therapeutic approach is based on the following principals: diagnosis of addiction disorders, education, counseling, coaching, motivational therapy and training of necessary skills. We treat our clients in all phases of their addiction problem - before treatment, during treatment and after treatment. The aftercare program is focused on preventing relapse, correcting social relationships, acquiring work habits, or solving debt problems. Our programs are designed for adults as well as for children.


Crisis intervention

We will help you in difficult stress life situations. You will find a safe place where you can openly talk about your fears, suffering or grief caused by divorce, illness, the death of a loved one, but also work problems etc. We will relieve you of the stress associated with important life decisions, study or other failures. Crisis therapy means a short form of cooperation, usually the client needs 1-5 sessions. 

Personal development

Through individual therapy, we will gradually teach you how to be more resilient, more self-confident and more confident in everyday life. You know yourself better. You will be able to manage stress more easily, build resistance to psychological stress, gain confidence in your actions and decisions. You will learn dexterity in resolving conflicts, strengthen your emotional and social intelligence, be more tolerant and valuable to your surroundings. Clarify your priorities. Your life will be easier and more fun, you will start to enjoy small pleasures, you will be happier



With the help of relaxation techniques, we will teach you how to reduce tension and stress, anxiety and panic states. We will help you eliminate psychosomatic problems that annoy your life (headaches, chest tightness, excessive sweating, palpitations, digestive problems, loss of appetite or insomnia). We use Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation, autogenous training, visualization or breathing exercises. You can participate long-term or we will teach you this during 3-5 sessions.


Workshops and courses

We offer courses and workshops on addiction issues. We will cover topics related to problem use of legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, the health and social impacts of addiction, gambling, addictions to the Internet, social networks or computer games. We target schools and other non-profit organizations.


We will prepare workshops for companies focused on the prevention of burnout syndrome, stress management, the art of relaxation, healthy communication in the team and much more.